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We are a specialist MGA, looking to forge profitable relationships with broking partners, writing a variety of UK insurance products, details of which are available in the ‘What We Do’ section.

 We bring a viable alternative to current markets, providing expertise and a true commitment to customer service and product provision.

Our team are experienced and enthusiastic about the products that they underwrite, and above all are there to provide solutions, not obstacles.







We provide Specialist products within the following markets:

  • Non-Standard Household (construction, claims, subsidence, business use, listed, convictions).
  • Unoccupied Property.
  • Let Property.
  • Holiday Homes.
  • By allowing easy access to experienced decision makers we will provide our partners with access to premiums for risks that often prove hard or impossible to write.



Unoccupied Property

Whether it is down to extensive renovation work, sale or probate related delays, personal choice or a work commitment we will consider the risk.

We will offer flexible policies with 3 levels of cover (FLEE only, Full Perils and Full Perils excluding escape of water).

Let Property

We will provide insurance for both the Buildings and Contents element of the Let Property. Cover will be afforded for an extensive list of perils such as Fire, Storm, Flood, Theft etc.

Non-Standard Property

Our definitions include:

Listed property
Built pre-1900
Non-standard wall or roof construction
Trees in the vicinity
Renovation/Building works
Properties not in a good state of repair
Sums Insured driven
Business use or visitors at the premises
Adverse claims experience
Convictions, CCJs, Bankruptcy

Holiday Home

UK Properties that are used by the proposer for their holidays.

Cover Benefits

Home Emergency Assistance

Legal Expense Insurance

Buildings Cover

Contents Cover

Accidental Damage Options

Personal Possessions

Business Use


Home Claims

UK based 24/7 claims assist line:

0330 024 8087


Please refer to your policy booklet for details on how to make a claim. The following information has been provided as guidance and does not form part of your insurance contract.

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